David Lagercrantz – The Girl in the Spider’s Web

BRIEF: David Lagercrantz continues the legacy of Stieg Larsson’s characters: Lisbeth Salander and Michael Blomkvist. The new book sees Salander and Blomkvist reunited in a tale of gang warfare and industrial espionage.
CONS: For anyone who has read Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series you will know how much a of a maniac Salander is, unfortunately or maybe fortunately for some, the character is somewhat watered down in Lagercrantz’s sequel. I was hoping more of the same anger and rage that makes the character so enticing in the original stories, but alas I didn’t get it. I also felt like you really needed to have your head screwed on about industrial espionage before reading it, it took me a good few chapters (and a BBC World News special report) to realise that stealing industry secrets is a BIG deal in the world today and big companies don’t like to share. How selfish. Unfortunately, I also got absolutely no closure from the end of the book, I hope this is because there’s scope to continue Blomkvist and Salander’s antics, but it felt like a shoddy ending to me.
PROS: Right at the beginning, there is a very handy reminder of all the characters that are important in the Millennium universe. For people like me who read the original series over 5 years ago. This was a handy reminder of the nutcases you might have forgotten about. I also really enjoyed the storyline! Even though it took me a while to realise the gravity of the whole industrial espionage thing, from that point on I was totally engrossed and couldn’t put the book down. Like every good crime novel should do, it had my jaw down by my waistline at least 3 times. All in all, I absolutely loved it. But maybe that’s because I was totally obsessed by Salander in the first place.
RATING: 8/10